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Stockbridge is an idyllic town in the heart of the Test Valley only a few miles from the &Bespoke’s studio in Nether Wallop. We are very lucky to live & work where we do and It’s easy to forget and take this for granted sometimes, so today’s blog post is about this delightful little town just a stone’s throw away.

Situated almost bang in the middle of the two cathedral cities of Salisbury & Winchester, It’s perfectly located for you to get your fix of shopping (food, fashion & lifestyle), coffee, outdoor pursuits & historical sites.

For a relatively small town of 600 people, it’s full of a great variety of lifestyle & fashions shops, a traditional butchers, a grocers, a delicatessen and several restaurants & cafes all contributing to why it was voted ‘Best Foodie Street’! A good handful of pubs with dining & rooms, a couple of art galleries & even a Hotel. Whether you’re visiting for the day or planning a long weekend (or longer) there is plenty to see and do in Stockbridge and the surrounding areas.

The clear chalk streams of the River Test have made the area famous for fly fishing with people travelling across the country & even the world to try their hand. The &Bespoke’s studios are situated opposite the prestigious Fishing Breaks who offer an excellent selection of fishing experiences from holidays & breaks to corporate days or family days and remains the only place solely dedicated to fly fishing tuition.

Now if fishing doesn’t ‘tackle’ your fancy (see what I did there!) you could try your hand at clay shooting.

Spitfire Shoot just a mile out of the town is one of the only purpose-landscaped shoots in the South of England offering a wide choice of stands to simulate the popular varieties of game and competition shooting. So whether you want to practice ahead of the season, have a lesson with one of the experienced instructors – be that on your own, with friends or as part of a corporate event, it adds to the mix of variety of things you can get up to, in and around Stockbridge.

If a caffeine fix is what you need, half way down the high street is Coffee Lab. They offer a great selection of coffees (with alternative milks available), an excellent choice of cakes & pastries and some huge, delicious sandwiches which I can highly vouch for. This Independent coffee specialist started down the road in Winchester in March 2016, quickly expanding to open cafes in Salisbury, Christchurch, Southampton and thankfully for us, Stockbridge. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Coffee Lab is opening in a town near you soon. Watch this space.

And finally for today, Hero.

Hero is beautiful independent boutique shop on the high street selling curated brands of fashion & lifestyle products. You can get lost browsing the perfectly displayed items that seem to change on an almost daily basis allowing the wanderer to discover new hidden gems making each visit different & exciting. Meandering through the space from the front of the shop, to the denim room and the creative space right at the back which is fast becoming well known for coordinating & hosting a range of fantastic educational & creative workshops.

Collaborating with people like Amanda Start of The Online Stylist & Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue, Laura Turner the Founder of Hero along with her team, provide a lovely day (serving delicious food from Yummy Days) that will leave you inspired to go forward with what you’ve learned, implementing the relevant aspects to your own journey, be that personal or business.

I’ve listed below the workshops currently running at Hero over the next few months, and I would definitely go and sign up to their newsletter. Not only will it keep you in the loop of all things pretty in fashion & lifestyle, but you’ll be the first to hear of any new workshops joining the line up. The most recent addition being ‘How to make your ideas a reality’ with the lovely Laura herself.

  • How to make your ideas a reality
  • How to build your brand on instagram
  • A beginners guide to social media
  • An advanced guide to social media
  • Become a confident blogger
  • Advanced blogging workshop

Now If you wanted to try your hands at something a bit more creative you have the choice of:

  • Brush Lettering (sold out)
  • Modern Calligraphy (sold out)
  • Table Centre piece decoration
  • Wreath making

I’ve booked in to attend the ‘Advanced Blogging Workshop’ later this year after attending ‘A Beginners Guide to Social Media’ & ‘How to Become a Confident Blogger’ back in May, both of which were fantastic and they have inspired me to want to expand my knowledge further. Spending the best part of a day with a handful of lovely people, each of which are at different stages of their own journey and hearing their story is wonderful. You can bat ideas and thoughts around the table, hear from experienced & inspiring guest speakers and join this wonderful community that Laura and her collaborators have created.

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