Studio Development – WE HAVE PLANNING!!

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With planning approved we can finally begin to share with you our journey so far with the development of our studio. Our studio has been the home to our sister company Elderberry for 20 years. When we first moved in, the bare minimum of building works were carried out to simply get us up and running as an already fully established and busy business designing, manufacturing & supplying bespoke (and off the peg) furniture for professional practices & other commercial environments.

The term ‘cobblers shoes’ definitely comes to mind as we have simply made do for all these years, only refurbishing our tea point & WC facilities a few years ago. Always being busy on other peoples lovely projects, and with the nature of our business, it wasn’t overly important to have a snazzy studio (as much as we’d have loved one) with only the occasional salesman knocking on the door it just wasn’t top of our list of priorities. Until now…

With the launch of our new business &Bespoke in April, developing our studio has become a much higher priority. We want to welcome new & existing customers to our soon to be created gallery space, where visitors can see, sit & feel first hand our beautifully designed furniture & products. (As well as our edit of chosen complimentary products) Plus, we want clients to be able to come and discuss bespoke projects & requirements in an equally inspiring and welcoming environment.

So the planning began… Although ideas on how we would develop The Watershed had been in mind for some years, like most things, getting the plans perfect has taken many many revisions, and it’s been a running joke since April about the stairs in particular! We’ve pretty much lost count as there’s been so many different options and locations! We’d think we had cracked it on plan so Stevo would draw it up in 3D and then one of us, usually Roger, would raise a question about an element of the design or it’s location so it would be back to the drawing board and on to the next revision. We had so many in fact that Stevo started giving his drawings brilliant names like “More Stairs”, “More Stairs 2″, Even More Stairs”, “Yet Another Stair Drawing”, “Version 37” & “Final Final Staircase”!!

We can laugh about it now (well almost), and a few tears were definitely shed too, but mostly when the final design was done, tears of joy and relief!!

We look forward to welcoming you to our design studio and gallery in Spring 2018.

Until the next update…

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